Daily Prompt: Lightning Bugs

Today’s daily writing prompt from this September list is:

Did you catch lightning bugs when you were a child?

Short answer: no.
Long answer: I live in Arizona, and in a city, where we don’t really have lightning bugs and to be completely honest, I didn’t think they were really real until I was an adult and saw one. (One, by the way, is not really that impressive. I’m still not completely sold on how awesome these supposedly are.)

Fireflies lighting up a forest

Is this actually real and where can I see this for myself?

Random point of contention: Even though we don’t have them, we actually call them fireflies here.

Google has informed me that apparently Arizona does have fireflies. It’s entirely anecdotal, but apparently they’ve been spotted in/near: Tucson, Pena Blanca Lake, above the dam at Fossil Creek, Payson, and Patagonia. Also apparently glowworms are a thing? That just sounds weird.

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