Dec 2: Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Small-Batch Chocolate logo

One word: Indulgent!

So I finally went to indulge in the Dandelion Chocolate café’s brownie flight—because how can anyone say no to a brownie flight?! It’s literally a sampler of fancy brownies! This café/chocolate shop had been recommended to me months ago by a coworker, so it’s nice to finally get my butt over there and try it out myself. (And what a great excuse to not study for that Japanese test tomorrow…)

As you’d expect, both from the super adorable shop and from the slightly-steep price tag, it was amazing! <3 Continue reading

Advent Blogging

It’s the 25 Days of Blogging!

Blogmas? Kind of…

No audience? No problem. This is literally just a writing exercise for myself! Let’s see how well I can do about posting something every single day until Christmas.

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